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How To Do Your Own Nails With Metallic Tape Nail Art, Accessory Art And More
When it comes to quality and long wearing nail polish what brand do you trust? Zoya nail polish and nail supply are now affordable and sold in the United States. A leading nail polish supply chain is carrying Zoya's 2012 collections.

For summer, nail art should be colorful, bold and funky. There are many options when it comes to nailart for summer. Go for eye popping textures on nails, multicolored nails, piercings or add some glitter for eye-catching look. Pastel nail art and flower christmas nail designs very popular, especially for Summer. Flower nail art can be create from a variety of flower designs. Colorful neon colors and glitters are also a popular choice for summer.

One of the latest techniques used to get designs on nails is the water marbling. Water marbling is a technique that helps you create unique and cool designs. All you need is a cup of water, a stick, scotch tape, paper towels and a nail polish that drips easily.

You can also complement pieces with the right nail color. Nail color can be a great way to make your accessories look even more attractive and in-tune with your entire ensemble. Gold and silver bracelets can look gorgeous with metallic polish. Or better yet, add in nail arts with crystals that have the same color as those bracelet bands.

Next, you take the cup of water and place one drop of the nail color you have chosen into it. The color will spread out in the water and create a ring. Then you drip a drop of the other color which will then create a bull's eye effect. The number of rings you create is up to you but remember that nail polish dries quickly. You then create a patter in the ring using your stick. You then dip your finger in the water, nail side down so that the design will stick to your nail.

For a smooth finish you must prepare your natural nails. Apply a nourishing cream which helps soften the cuticles before pushing them back with a cuticle remover which is usually a double ended tool. One end is used to cut the cuticles while the other end is used to push the cuticle back.

The Shatter polish looks great with a bright color peeking out from underneath. You could put white underneath for a mod look (although your nails might resemble those old black-and-white marbled composition notebooks!), or put a sparkly Katy Perry polish underneath for a glammier look.

Form the suggestions. Employing a nail file or emery board, shape the nails into a form you like. Do not use invisible tape as a guidebook because the adhesive on it will elevate the nail polish off the nails.
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